The Four Best Alternatives to a Crossfit Gym


Since its inception in 2000, CrossFit, Inc (a multifunction workout plan) has turned out to be a bonafide fitness craze. Currently, over 10,000 affiliate gyms throughout country facilitate the Crossfit gym. However, while some people laud the ability of the program to change flabby, weak physiques into ripped bodies of steel, another group slams it because of its significant injury potential.

Thankfully, CrossFit is not the only solution for those that crave an efficient but safe workout. Here are four great Crossfit alternative.

Alternative 1: Rezist

The feeling of accomplishment coupled with positive endorphins released is one of the most essential parts of any workout. Rezist helps you to achieve this and so much more. The best part about Rezist is the fact that is not extreme but effective. The program is based on a 30-minute interval. Rezist ensures your muscles are overloaded to guarantee growth. By giving you limited rest periods, the program additionally challenges your cardiovascular system. Rezist is among the top 30-minute workout programs that build muscle and burns fat safely.

Alternative 2: Dailyhiit

DailyHiit’s workouts are roughly 12 minutes long. Such a timeframe encourages you to work hard for a relatively short burst of time. One of the best features of this program is that it needs little to no equipment at all. It is easily customizable based on your fitness levels. For instance, if you are a beginner, you can find different modifications to go through your workout.

Alternative 3: Walk On

Walk On is an exercise program that sculpts muscles and scorches calories. The program brings with it a 30-minute routine that combines core conditioning, strength training, and walking. The routine is entertaining, gentle on joints, and produces amazing results. The fun nature of Walk On can make you want to repeat the routine.

Alternative 4: Rev-4

Rev-4 is an effective exercise program that takes roughly 10-20 minutes. You can perform it right in the comfort of your home. The program only utilizes body weight for resistance. A full body workout, Rev-4 is divided into four segments:

Core crusher
Upper body
Lower body
Full body

While you can combine the four for a longer workout, just ten minutes daily can completely transform the way your body functions, feels and looks. In addition to Rev-4 reducing your injury risks, it also builds your strength. Try it today and discover its magic.

In the recent past, ultra-intense gym workouts have tremendously gained popularity. The rise in popularity is not just among hardcore exercisers or athletes, but also in the relatively overweight and unfit. While some people might consider the intense workouts to be fun, others feel it is the best (read only) strategy to get really in shape. To be on the safe side, try the above four best alternatives to a CrossFit gym.

Here is a beginners workout you can try out at your home that is similar to crossfit.