Question: How Long Are Shifts At PacSun?

How much is a slice of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory?

FoodPriceCheesecakesOriginal$6.95 to $7.95Fresh Strawberry$6.95 to $7.95Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake$6.95 to $7.95238 more rows.

Does 3rd shift pay more?

The third shift consistently is paid at a slightly higher rate than second shift. Holiday shifts typically are paid at time and a half, or 1.5 times base rate. In lieu of paying shift differentials, some companies compensate employees for working undesirable shifts with additional paid time off.

How long are shifts at Cheesecake Factory?

The shifts during the day range from doubles, which is a morning and afternoon shift in the same day, to singles, which is working either the morning or afternoon shift. 8 AM for my position is the earliest start time and 1230 PM is the latest scheduled out time for my position. 9:30-4pm. Through the lunch rush.

Whats it like to work at Staples?

Everyone at a Staples retail store will work on the cash register at some point no matter what position you applied for. Management likes to keep you busy and will almost always find something for you to do if you are standing around. Overall management is very nice and is eager to help you succeed in your job.

Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake – $8.95 According to The Cheesecake Factory, this has been the most popular cheesecake on its menu for 35 years. The simple dish consisted of a thick slice of the restaurant’s Original Cheesecake topped with glazed strawberries.

Do you get a free cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory on your birthday?

If you celebrate your birthday at The Cheesecake Factory they will give you a FREE Mini Hot Fudge Sundae. … Or, if you didn’t save room for dessert, we offer a complimentary birthday sundae with a tiny “scoopette” of vanilla ice cream, fudge, and top it with a crown of whipped cream, confetti pieces and a candle.

How long is a shift usually?

about 8 hoursAn average shift is about 8 hours. Between twelve and sixteen hours. I primarily worked 7 hour shifts and 11 hour shifts but our manager was very helpful and understanding to work out hours that you could and couldn’t do.

Does Cheesecake Factory sell whole cakes?

We will text you when your order is ready & will bring it out to you. Our whole cheesecakes are served deeply chilled. … Our most popular cheesecakes are also available in 7-inch sizes, serving 6 – 8 people.

What does Staples pay per hour?

Salary satisfaction Average Staples hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.69 per hour for Cashier to $26.49 per hour for Electrician. The average Staples salary ranges from approximately $18,493 per year for Sales Associate to $67,748 per year for General Manager.

The best cheesecakes at the Cheesecake Factory, rankedFresh Strawberry.Ultimate Red Velvet. … Chris’ Outrageous Cheesecake. … White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. … Oreo Dream Extreme. … Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple. Facebook/The Cheesecake Factory. … Lemon Raspberry Cream. Facebook/The Cheesecake Factory. …

Why is 3rd shift called graveyard?

The Graveyard Shift, or Graveyard Watch, was the name coined for the work shift of the early morning, typically midnight until 8am. The name originated in the USA at the latter end of the 1800s. … “Graveyard watch, the middle watch or 12 to 4 a.m., because of the number of disasters that occur at this time.”

Does Pacsun pay weekly?

You are paid biweekly.

What should I wear to a Staples interview?

For sales floor jobs, applicants simply need to dress in casual business attire. Candidates vying for higher-level jobs should consider wearing more formal attire. Arriving early to each interview and acting in a calm, confident, and relaxed manner further demonstrates preparedness to Staples hiring personnel.

Top 10 Cheesecake Flavors:NY Strawberry.Pumpkin*NY Original.Gourmet Sampler (original, strawberry, chocolate, caramel-pecan)Fruit Sampler (strawberry, cherry, pineapple, blueberry)Chocolate Sampler (chocolate chip, German chocolate, marble, triple chocolate)Triple Chocolate.Turtle.More items…

How much does it cost for a whole cheesecake?

Cheesecake & Traditional CakesTraditional FlavorssizePrice1/4 Sheet$40.001/2 Sheet$51.00Full Sheet$80.00

Are Cheesecake Factory restaurants closing?

Racial turmoil shuts 87 Cheesecake Factory restaurants. The Cheesecake Factory said it closed or cut back the operations of 87 restaurants last weekend because of the demonstrations and riots that followed the death of George Floyd.

What is 2nd shift hours?

The second shift, also commonly called the afternoon or swing shift, usually starts around 4 p.m. and lasts until midnight. People who work the second shift get early mornings off, but they work in the late afternoons.

How long are shifts at Staples?

5 answers. The shift could begin as early as 7am. The store closes at 9pm and associates are typically heading home by 930pm. Shifts for managers can run 8-9 hours.