Quick Answer: How Do Indian Police Track Stolen Phones?

What happens if you steal in India?

For the punishments of shoplifters in india , it is defined under Section 379 of the IPC that deals with the punishment for theft as imprisonment up to 3 years or fine or both.

The punishment for this is imprisonment up to 7 years along with fine.


Can police track your phone if its stolen?

Download security apps “Even if a phone has GPS built in, police cannot locate a stolen or missing phone unless the tracker app is fitted and enabled.” … Android users that have upgraded to the premium version of the app are able to remotely lock their phones and even wipe them.

Can police track phone by IMEI?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit number on every phone. It is used by the police to trace cell phones. The IMEI number helps police track any cell phone to the exact tower the minute a call is made, even if a different SIM card is used.

How do police track stolen phones?

The Police have two methods for tracking your phone when it’s stolen, they can use your phone number or your IMEI number. … Because the IMEI number is registered to your specific handset the Police will be able to track the device itself, even if the SIM card has been changed.

What is the punishment for stealing a mobile phone in India?

Section 66B Punishment for dishonestly receiving stolen computer resource or communication device is Imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine which may extend to rupees one lakh or with both.

Can IMEI be tracked when phone is off?

You can call your service provider to have them block your cell phone when stolen . They will deactivate the sim number and block that phones IMEI number from their networks . … If the phone is off of the network there is no way to track the phone , it doesn’t have like a homing beacon .

How do police find stolen iphones?

The Police have two methods for tracking your phone when it’s stolen, they can use your phone number or your IMEI number. The problem with your phone number is that thieves can easily just discard your SIM card and replace it another.

Can police track iphones?

It’s no secret to police investigators that the Apple iPhone keeps track of its owners’ approximate location. … Law enforcement agencies have known since at least last year that an iPhone or iPad surreptitiously records its owner’s approximate location, and have used that geolocation data to aid criminal investigations.

Is impersonation a crime in India?

Impersonation is a crime and legal remedies are available to address any cases. … Other sections of the Indian Penal Code, such as 415 (cheating), 416 (cheating by personation) and 499 (defamation) can also be invoked, depending on the scale and grievousness of the crime.

Can a lost mobile phone be traced in India?

Lost or stolen smartphones can now be traced using its IMEI number. The Government of India has launched a new portal called Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) to re-unite you with your lost phone. … The CEIR, on the other hand, relies on nothing but IMEI number to track lost or stolen mobile phone.

What happens to stolen phones in India?

Report the theft Typically, operators will block a stolen device if you give them the IMEI number, but some of them require a FIR. You can find out your device’s IMEI number by either dialling *#06# or just going through the labels on the box of the phone. They typically tend to have the IMEI number printed on it.

What is e theft?

Electronic Theft: can include taking trade secrets, credit card numbers, and different types of intellectual propertyfrom a website. This type of e-crime has grown along with the increase of website Intrusion. The Economic Espionage Act of 1996 makes trade secret theft a federal offense.