Quick answer: Is Aircel Dead?

Which country has Airtel?

IndianBharti Airtel Limited, also known as Airtel, is an Indian global telecommunications services company based in New Delhi, India.

It operates in 18 countries across South Asia and Africa, and also in the Channel Islands..

Can Aircel sim be ported now?

Yes, you can now port your Aircel number to any other network by directly visiting the new network store. Just follow the instructions below. Take any proof of identity with you, preferably an Aadhaar card. Visit nearest Airtel/Vodafone/IDEA/BSNL store of your choice.

Is Aircel still active?

On 14 September 2016, Reliance Communications and Aircel announced the merger of their mobile network operations. … Aircel had planned to shut down its operations in unprofitable circles including, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh (West) from 30 January 2018.

Is Airtel and Aircel same?

After the failed merger deal with Reliance, Aircel had considered merging with Bharti Airtel, whose chairman Sunil Mittal had stated in November 2017, that Airtel “was open to acquisition talks”. As of December 2017, Aircel was under a debt of around ₹16,000 crore (US$2.2 billion).

Can I port my Aircel number in 2020?

Port [Aircel Mobile Number] into any Other [Network]|April 2020. … Presently you can bounce into another system SIM like Airtel, Idea, Jio, and Vodafone without changing versatile number with the assistance of porting administration.

Is Aircel working in Mumbai?

yes, Aircel provide service in Mumbai aswell. For details information visit the website at http://www.aircel.com/AircelWar/… Including Mumbai Aircel offers its service in 23 other regions of India.

Can I get my old Aircel number back?

Once your mobile phone displays network signal, fire up the Messaging app and send an SMS as PORT (Aircel Mobile Number) to 1900. Wait for a few minutes for the Unique Porting Code to arrive. After receiving the UPC, head over the nearest telecom operator’ store (you choice) and get the MNP done.

How can I get my Aircel no back?

Lost Aircel SIM? Get UPCTake any proof of identity with you, preferably an Aadhaar card.Visit nearest Airtel/Vodafone/IDEA/BSNL store of your choice.Provide them your Aircel mobile number and your Aadhaar card.They will generate UPC for you and will also submit a porting request on the spot.

Should I port from Jio to Airtel?

Make sure that you are clear with your billing cycle, and apply for a Jio to Airtel port around the end of the current billing cycle. Make sure you pay some extra money to cover the excess usage charges before your Jio connection is successfully ported to Airtel.

What happened to Aircel employees?

MUMBAI: Aircel and its unit have sacked some 1,000 of its 1,229 remaining employees, unable to meet related costs as the resolution professional (RP) Deloitte strives to keep the bankrupt mobile phone company running so that its assets fetch a good price in the ongoing insolvency process.

Why is Aircel banned?

NEW DELHI: Aircel may seek the recall of a Supreme Court order barring the telecom company from selling or transferring its airwaves to a third party, on the grounds that it was not accused in the case filed by a federal agency against former telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran.

Who is Aircel owner?

Apollo HospitalsMAXIS COMMUNICATIONS BERHADAircel/Parent organizations