What Is The Conjugate Base Of Oh?

Is HS an acid or base?

KaAcidBase1.1 * 10-7Hydrosulfuric acidHS-6.3 * 10-8Dihydrogen phosphate ionHPO4 2-6.2 * 10-8Hydrogen sulfite ionS2-2.9 * 10-8Hypochlorous acidClO-28 more rows.

What is the conjugate base of water?

Hydroxide ionHydroxide ion is the conjugate base of water. When water reacts with an acid, it is acting as a base: The conjugate acid of water is the hydronium ion, H3O+, an ion formed by the association of a hydrogen ion with a water molecule.

Is hso4 a base?

HSO4- is an acidic anion because it tends to donate protons when in pure water. Notice how the first arrow is not an eqilibrium – it fully dissociates and the second only partially so some of the HSO4- will donate protons. Only in a very acidic environment would HSO4- act as a base.

What is the conjugate base of OH minus?

the way to get a conjugate base is to remove one H+ ion from it. so removing an H+ from the OH- ion,we get O2-. hence O2- is the conjugate base of OH-.

What is the conjugate base of ch3nh3+?

5 replies. “CH3NH2, methyl amine. A conjugate base as one less proton than the acid.”

What is the conjugate base of h2s04?

Answer and Explanation: The conjugate base of H2 SO4 is HSO4 -. H2 SO4 loses a proton (H+) to form the conjugate base.

What is the conjugate base of H+?

We can show the relationship between an acid and its conjugate base using this expression: HA –> H+ + A-, where HA is the acid, H+ is the hydrogen ion, and A- is the conjugate base of the acid.

Why conjugate base of strong acid is weak?

A strong acid like HCl donates its proton so readily that there is essentially no tendency for the conjugate base Cl– to reaccept a proton. Consequently, Cl– is a very weak base. A strong base like the H– ion accepts a proton and holds it so firmly that there is no tendency for the conjugate acid H2 to donate a proton.

What is the formula for the weakest conjugate base?

:- as the strong acid has high tendency to lose proton its conjugate base will be unstable on accepting proton so it will be the weakest conjugate base.Example HSO4–,

Is oh a conjugate base or acid?

Table of acids and their conjugate basesAcidConjugate baseH2S Hydrosulfuric acidHS− Hydrogen sulfide ionH2PO − 4 Dihydrogen phosphate ionHPO 2− 4 Hydrogen phosphate ionNH + 4 Ammonium ionNH3 AmmoniaH2O Water (pH=7)OH− Hydroxide ion11 more rows

Is OH and acid or base?

If one of those ions is H+, the solution is acidic. The strong acid hydrogen chloride (HCl) is one example. If one of the ions is OH-, the solution is basic. An example of a strong base is sodium hydroxide (NaOH).

Is BA OH 2 a strong base?

YES. Barium hydroxide is a strong base such as NaOH, KOH. … Barium hydroxide dissociates completely in water to give barium ions and hydroxyl ions.

Is ch3nh3+ a weak acid or base?

CH3NH3Cl is an ionic compound, consisting of CH3NH3+ and Cl- ions. The overall salt does not donate protons, the CH3NH3+ ion does (to form H3O+) when the salt is dissociated in water. Cl- is a very weak conjugate base so its basicity is negligible. Therefore the salt is acidic because of CH3NH3+, a Bronsted acid.