Which Is The Easiest Optional Subject For IAS?

Which is better IAS or doctor?

They want to serve the people by becoming Civil Servants and using their knowledge for the benefit of the people.

Doctors appearing for IAS after MBBS have more chances of success compared to many others….MBBS IAS Toppers.UPSC 2020 CalendarUPSC BooksUPSC Medical Science SyllabusBooks on Medical Science2 more rows.

Which subject has shortest syllabus in IAS?

WHY CHOOSE PHILOSOPHY AS YOUR OPTIONAL?Well-defined and short syllabus – It has the shortest syllabus among all the optional subjects available for UPSC Civil Services Exam, therefore, can be covered in a lesser period of time. … Popular and suitable for candidates from any background.High Success ratio of 8.9%More items…

Which optional has least syllabus in UPSC?

AnthropologyThe subject with the least syllabus in UPSC is Anthropology.

Do questions repeat in UPSC?

Before you begin your Prelim preparation you have to go through the previous year’s question papers to know the question pattern. Moreover, if you are solving the last five year’s UPSC question papers then you will understand some questions do repeat.

Which subject should I start first for IAS?

UPSC Civil Services Exam Study Plan from July. You have to follow discipline at this time. During this time you should start your preparation from General Studies. Take up two subjects as studying one subject becomes monotonous.

What is the salary of the IAS officer?

Salary Structure of IAS Officers and IAS Career Path – 7th Pay CommissionGradePay ScaleGrade Pay of IAS officerJunior or Lower Time Scale15600 – 391005400Senior Time Scale15600 – 391006600Junior Administrative15600 – 391007600Selection Grade37400 – 6700087004 more rows

Which subject is more scoring in UPSC?

According to me, Sociology, Geography, and Public Administration are easy to score subjects. Many students have scored more than 400 marks in these optional subjects. This is based on the previous year results.

Is maths optional easy?

Any good maths graduate should find the questions of an easy to medium difficulty level. Not many UPSC candidates take up this optional, so your competition is limited when compared to subjects like history or sociology.

How did Tina Dabi prepare for IAS?

UPSC Civil Services Exam 2015 year topper Tina Dabi shared her daily revision schedule for the last 3 months before the Prelims exam on her social media handle. The time table is well planned and can be easily followed by a candidate ready to put in hard work and best of abilities to execution.

What is the optional subject of Tina Dabi?

She was the topper of her CBSE 12th exam and graduated top of her class at Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, where she studied political science, which was also the optional subject of her exam.

Can I clear UPSC in first attempt?

Revision is the most important weapon that helps you clear UPSC in the first attempt. It is not how much you study that matters, but how much you retain. So you should have a proper revision plan. Ideally one day of the week should be assigned for revision of what you have studied that week.

Which is the best scoring subject for IAS?

Public administration and geography are the best subjects that can fetch more marks in the IAS exam. If we look at the past few years, most of the people have been scoring 350+ marks in public administration.

Who got highest marks in UPSC optional ever?

In 2018, Vishal Sah secured an All India Rank of 63 in the UPSC Civil Service Examination, and also scored the highest marks that year (329) in his optional paper, which was Sociology.

Is IAS possible without coaching?

Yes, one can clear IAS exam without coaching. … If you are good at self-study, you can clear UPSC CSE without any classroom coaching. ClearIAS website and ClearIAS mobile app are started just to help the bright minds in India do self-study and crack this exam!

Is IAS tough?

India, being an IAS is a dream of lakhs of people but the only a handful of them can achieve it. The level of competition in the UPSC exam is huge but is it too huge that 99.9% of applicants get failed in it! Well, this exam is tough it’s true but most of the time candidate’ own mistakes dragged them towards failure.

Is sociology good optional?

Sociology Optional: Advantages Sociology has a shorter syllabus. It is easy to understand and is scoring too. … Since it is easy to understand, even science background students can attempt it safely. It helps with the essay paper since generally at least one essay is asked on social issues.

Do toppers study at night?

“We have heard people talk about how toppers study day and night. As far as Ritish is concerned, we’ve never seen him wake up early nor have we seen him study late in the night. But we are glad he’s managed to excel,” she says, relief enhancing the glow of pride on her face. … This is how I de-stress”, he said.

Which optional subject has highest success rate in UPSC?

Which optional subjects have the highest success rate in the IAS/UPSC exam?Success-Rate of Optionals in UPSC 2017Optional SubjectCandidates AppearedSuccess RatePsychology19310.9Public Administration116510.2Sociology14219.623 more rows